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Our History & Journey

How it all started & who started it.

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Josephine Suleiman, the CEO and founder

Olivelink healthcare was started December 2013.

Josephine Suleiman, who is the CEO and founder, having worked in the banking industry for 18 years, had an opportunity to manage a level 4 hospital as the administrator after she retired from the bank. She was an administrator for a period of 9 years, within which time, she developed a great interest in the health sector.

During that period she constantly used to see mothers coming from one of the slums in Nairobi to come and give birth at the level 4 hospital and sometimes they could not get fare to go back to their homes (This was a sponsored programme that was meant to assist the women from the slums to access safe deliveries in hospitals). She set out to try and find out why these women were seeking services from very far.

Olivelink Pharmacy
Josephine Suleiman, the CEO and founder

She soon found out that although there were hospitals (health centres) within the slum, there was great need for quality healthcare service provision and this meant that the women had to travel far to seek for these services.

This prompted her to seek ways on how to address this great need.

Olivelink opened its doors to the people of SINAI slums in Industrial area Nairobi on 2nd December, 2013.

Where We Are Now

Our initial THOUGHT was to address the maternal and child health issues. However as soon as we opened the doors, we realised that there were great health needs in all the areas. So we had to quickly change our strategy and incorporate all the other services if we had to have any impact in improving the lives of the people of Sinai community.

How We Have Grown

How we have grown.

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